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We are one of the leading Steam coal exporters with top industry expert supplying various kinds of coal worldwide. We source the product mainly from Australia, South America, Russia & Indonesia and supply the same globally on spot or contract basis. We are fully recognize our obligations and committed to supply high quality steam coal with the best price to our international customers across the globe on long term contract basis which enable our customers to make sound future planning. We can arrange supply minimum 30,000 - 50,000 MT per shipment by Handymax vessels, up to 80,000 MT by Panamax vessels and above 80,000 MT per shipment by Capesize vessels on spot & contract basis. We have more than 17 years experience with deep understanding and know how on coal business & are well organized to handle large volume of coal each year with global international coal market understanding. We always maintain international standards & professionalism at all levels of business which ensures us to become one of the leading coal exporter in the world & are well known as a integrated steam coal supplier in the world.

Steam Coal or Thermal Coal:

Steam coal is a coal grade between bituminous coal and anthracite coal which is free from impurities and is as one of the main source of energies besides electricity, fuel, gas and nuclear & is widely used by power plants, cement plant, paper plant, textile industries and steel industries globally. There are several grades of steam coal available in the market with the following specifications and we supply all of the grades of steam coal s per customers demand. Steam coal are mainly produced in China, Australia, South Africa, Colombia, Russia, United States, Indonesia and exported to China, Malaysia, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Japan, Pakistan & some other Far East counties.

Steam Coal Specifications:

Steam Coal (or Thermal Coal) Specifications
Parameter Low Calorific Mid - Calorific Upper - Middle Calorific High Calorific
KCal / kg 5,500 - 5,300 5,800 - 5,600 6,300 - 6,100 6,700 - 6,500
Inherent Moisture (%) 10 - 12 10 - 12 6 - 8 3 - 4
Ash Content (%) 1 - 3 5 - 12 8 - 10 14 - 16
Volatile Matter (%) 37 - 43 37 - 43 38 - 40 34 - 50
Fixed Carbon (%) 36 - 38 40 - 43 37 - 49 24 - 26
Total Sulphur (%) 0.1 - 0.3 0.8 - 1.0 0.6 - 0.9 1.0 - 1.2
Total Moisture (%) 28 - 30 15 - 20 10 - 12 7 - 10
Size (mm) 25 - 50 Less than 50 Less than 50 Less than 50
HGI (%) 40 - 55 37- 43 39 - 44 55 - 65


Besides above we also supply the following grades of coal on regular basis. If you are interested to buy or sell Steam coal or Bituminous or Coking coal please feel free to contact us or send us your inquiry by clicking this link we will try to quote you the best price for high quality products within maximum 24 hours.

Bituminous Coal:

Bituminous coal or black coal is a relatively soft coal containing a tarlike substance called bitumen. It is of higher quality than lignite coal but of poorer quality than anthracite coal. Bituminous coal is an organic sedimentary rock formed by diagenetic and submetamorphic compression of peat bog material. Bituminous coal has been compressed and heated so that its primary constituents are macerals vitrinite, exinite, and so on. The carbon content of bituminous coal is around 60-80%; the rest is composed of water, air, hydrogen, and sulfur, which have not been driven off from the macerals. When used for many industrial processes, bituminous coal must first be "coked" to remove volatile components. Coking is achieved by heating the coal in the absence of oxygen, which drives off volatile hydrocarbons such as propane, benzene and other aromatic hydrocarbons, and some sulfur gases. This also drives off a considerable amount of the contained water of the bituminous coal. Coking coal is used in the manufacture of steel, where carbon must be as volatile-free and ash-free as possible. Coking coal is heated to produce coke, a hard, grey, porous material which is used to blast in furnaces for the extraction of iron from the iron ore. we can to large contingents of Bituminous coal from South America but also draw from Australia.

Coking Coal:

The Coking Coal that we offer is sought after by clients everywhere. This Coking Coal is used extensively in Steel Industries due to its quality and composition. Our Coking Coal is well packaged to ensure that it reaches the clients intact. We offer the Coking Coal to our clients at reasonable prices. The Coking Coal is available in several grades. Coking coal is utilized by many major steel mills in Asia, Europe and South America.

Major producing countries: Australia, Canada, United States
Major exporting countries: Australia, Canada, United States
Major export market: China & India
Primary uses: Used to make metallurgical coke which is used as a reducing agent in a blast furnace to temper iron ore into steel products.

If you are interested to buy Steam Coal or any kind of fertilizer mentioned above please feel free to contact us or click here to send your inquiry we will try to quote you our best price within maximum 24 hours.


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