Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil

Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil Exporter

ATCL Grain & Fertilizer Inc is the largest trading house of crude degummed rapeseed oil for various utilizations. We supply Crude degummed rapeseed oil for making biodiesel worldwide & can arrange supply the same in bulk within shortest possible time with best price (On the basis of Stock market price under best conditions). Since 1995 we established ourselves as a leading independent CDRSO supplier & serving the world now from our USA head office. We are now a global supplier of bulk crude degummed rapeseed oil as oil as refined rapeseed oil.

Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil (DIN 51605): It is a mild-flavored vegetable oil also known as canola oil which is a good all purpose oil. It has the lowest polyunsaturated fat of any oil on the market. It's refined from used as cooking oil. It is come from rapeseed of rapeseed plants. Crude degummed rapeseed oil has very low levels of saturated fat. It contains 59% mono-unsaturated fats and 30% poly unsaturated fats which contribute in lowering harmful LDL cholesterols. It is also a natural source of Vitamin E, a strong anti-oxidant which protects against heart diseases, cancer, ageing and for skin care.

Rapeseed Oil (Crude and Refined): Rapeseed oil generally contains a high level of erucic acid, which is mildly toxic to humans in large doses. Traditional and other uses have been for lamp oils, soap making, high-temperature and tenacious high-erucic acid lubricating oils and plastics manufacturing. With the shift to rapeseed oil in the European Union, the low erucic acid content of the resulting rapeseed oil and its specific fatty acid composition make it a highly appreciated edible oil. As the European rapeseed production is conventional (that is non-GMO), the preference of the European food customer goes to rapeseed oil produced in Europe over other oils or other origins that might be produced from GMO. Rapeseed oil has also become the primary feedstock for biodiesel in Europe (estimates for 2006: more than 4.0 million tons of rapeseed oil went into biodiesel).


Quality Parameter Measure Limit Value Test Method
Unit E DIN 51605
Density(15 °C) Kg/m³ 900 - 930 DIN EN ISO 12185
Flash Point P.-M. °C Min. 220 DIN EN ISO 2719
Cinematic Viscosity (40 °C) mm²/s Max. 36,0 DIN EN ISO 3104
Lower cloric value KJ/kg Max. 36.000 DIN 51 900-2
Cetane Number ./. Min. 39 IP 498
Carbon Residue Mass n.c. % (m/m) Max. 0,40 DIN EN ISO 10370
Iodine Number g Jod/100g 95 - 125 DIN EN 14111
Sulphur Content mg/kg Max. 10 DIN EN ISO 20884
Contamination mg/kg Max. 24 DIN EN 12662
Erucic Acid Value mg KOH/g Max. 2,0 DIN EN 14104
Oxidation Stability 110 °C h Min. 6,0 DIN EN 14112
Phosphorus Content mg/kg Max. 12 DIN EN 14107
Content of alkaline earth Metals
(Ca+Mg) mg/kg Max. 20 E DIN EN 14538
Oxid Ash Content % (m/m) Max. 0,01 DIN EN ISO 6245
Water Content K.-F. mg/kg m


  • Buyer issues LOI with BCL then we will issue soft offer
  • Buyer issues ICPO within maximum 3 days of receipt the soft offer as their acceptance & we will send the sales contract
  • Buyer signed back the sales contract to us & we will issue Pro forma invoice within maximum 48 hours.
  • Buyer issue the non operative 100% irrevocable & confirmed l/c at sight to the seller within maximum 48 hours of receipt the pro forma invoice.
  • Seller will issue the 2% pb & send pop (proof of product) within maximum 3 days of receipt the non operative l/c which automatically activate the l/c.
  • Sgs inspection will be done at sellers cost & arrange shipment as per contract.
  • If any representative of the buyer wants to visit us at the loading time we cordially invite the buyer or their representative who has valid visa or can send the invitation letter to the buyer's local embassy on request.
  • All hard copies of the contract will be exchanged through international courier service but electronic exchange of the correspondence / contract will be considered as valid.
  • Ncnd & Impa must be / will be signed if required.

Besides above we also sell Crude & Refined Soybean oil, Palm oil, Sunflower oil, Canola oil, Corn oil, Coconut oil & Olive oil.

If you are interested to buy or sell any kind of crude-degummed rapeseed oil or any kind of oil pls feel free to contact us or click here to send your inquiry, we will try to quote you our best price within maximum 24 hours.


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